Monday, June 24, 2013

The plan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dr Chharbra's nurse Practicner said the spell that I had before the cath was A Fib,,,,my heart jumped out of rythum and if it ever happened again that I should most diffently go to the ER so they could give me some medicine by IV that would take care of this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

They took me off of the procardia and put me on isobide,,,,,hope it does the trick,,,,,,the chest still hurts but not as bad,,,,The isobide makes me feel odd,,,,,slowing me down,,,so I guess it is doing what it is supposed to be doing,,,,but,,,,,,I stay in a fog most of the time,,,,maybe when I get used to the medicine,,,,it will go away,,,,,

Think I will stop going to the Doctors,,,the more I go the more they fine,,,,,,,yep,,,think they have found enough stuff going on,,,,,,,,,,too much stuff on my plate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Test,,,,,,

I was at the hospital at 3 to get ready for the test,,,,,,,Platlets finally came around 5,,,got to go to surgery at 6,,,,got out at 7,,,,,,,,,,I was awake the hold test,,,even though they gave  me a big shot of benadryl and predisone,,,because I am allergic to the contrast dye, and needless to say that gave me a huge buzz,,,,WOW.  Even though I was awake I couldnt tell what was going on,,,I could see the screen and it seemed as if he was poking the veins that were little and then became big,,,,,dont know if these were the ones that were blocked or what,,,,finally it was over,,,,and the result was some blockages,,,,,(bad news),,,,but they were only 50 % blocked (good news),,:),,,,,so they think we can treat them with medicine ,,,Procardia,,,,,,and since it was so late of a surgery,,,,and I my blood so thin and I had this huge hole in my arm,,,(they went through the right wrist/arm intead of using the groin) they made me stay over night (darn!) wasnt expecting this,,,,but I had brought a bag (as I always do) in case of an emergency,,,,so I was glad I brought this..still having chest pain,,,,got some medicine for this,,,,,more medicine,,,just what I needed,,,,I think I take about 23 pills now,,,,,,,wow,,,,,,my boys stayed with me and took care of me,,,,,for this I am extremely grateful,,,,,,,,They are trying to fill in for their Daddy not being here to take care of me,,,,,,,,and Ronnie would have,,,,,,he was just like that........

Friday, June 7, 2013

The phone call.....

The Dr that is going to do the cath called and wanted to see me before the cath,,,so I go and he tells me IF I have a blockage I might have to have a stent,,,,and with out a blood thinner the platletes would stick to the metal,,,so since I have low plathletes already,,,the blood thinner is out of the there will be no stent put in today as previously planned,,,,,,,the option would be to have open heart surgery,,,,and again with the plathletes already so low,,,62 today,,,,,I could bleed,,,it looks like if they find a blockage it will be medicine for me,,,Procardia,,,,,,so the cath is still planned,,,,,,I have become a very difficult to treat patient,,,,,,,,,,,,,,My son Jason says that I am a very unique patient,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Gotta love that son :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The tests,,,,,,,

Well on Monday,,,I got a echo test on my heart and a stress test on the tread mill with isotope radio active solution,,,,,,,,,,that just about did me in,,,the echo test which hurt my chest because she had to push so hard to get inbetween the rib cage to the heart,,,,,then we proceded to the stress test,,I guess because of the knee replacement they didnt have me run at capacity,,,instead it was a nice leisurely paced walk while I received the isotope,,,,,,which pushed me into hypervenilation,,,,,and that is where I nearly passed out,,,,,,and I was only walking but I felt as it I had ran 5 miles,,,,,,my heart was racing,,,,nauseated,,,,,head hurting,,,stomach cramping,,,,,,,,,,,whew,,,was sick for the rest of the day.   You know how you feel when you work out in the yard and get too hot and get sick,,???  Well that is exactly how I felt,,,,,just lifeless....They also took pictures of my heart at rest before and after,,,,,,,I drank a coke and PB crackers.  I felt better when I left,,,,but remained rung out like a dishcloth all day,,,,,,whew

On tuesday I went to Jacobs game, even though I still wasnt feeling well,,,,,,,after the game we went to Cracker Barrel (Matthews favorite place to eat) and on the way I got so sick and my chest was hurting sooo bad,,,,,,I used the nitro spray but it didnt do any good,,,we went inside and I was too sick to eat, so I just order FF and water,,,which is not like me at Cracker Barrel.  Jason kept taking my pulse and sats,,,,and it was bad.  When we got in the car he had me take off the fingernail polish,,,he thought maybe it wasnt registering right,,,even though when he done it with others,,,,it was more correct.  When we got to my house they came in and Jason continued to monitor me,,,,,,Bp was good,,,but the pulse was very variable,,,,,,something very odd about this,,,we debated going to the ER,,,,,,but knew they would be doing the same tests I had just,,,,decided to stay home take some pain medicine,,,,,maybe even do some laundry (as long as I am up and doing around the pain is bearable,,,its when I am resting that it hurts so bad) got to bed at 2:15 and the pain meds were about to kick in,,,,,glad to be in my own bed........the following am I was hurting a little but nothing like the night before,,,,,,Jason had called at 4:30 (as he left for work) to check on me and again at 7:30,,,and which I was doing pretty good,,,,,,,and today was the day to go back and get results of the test,,,,Jonathan drove me to the appt........Dr Pribble said that I may have a blockage and we need to have a cath done(which I figured this)......and after the contrast dye (which I am allergic to) he would give me some medicine which would throw my arteries into spasms and check this,,,,they would also give me medicine to reverse this. (whew)  So he has put me on steroids and benadryl for the contrast dye so I wont have a reaction (hives and shock), so I have another 2 days to wait,,,,,5:00 on friday will be the cath test,,,,,,,not looking forward to it,,,,,,,,,,,nope not at all,,,,,,

Thanks to my boys for taking such good care of me,,,,,dont know what I would do without them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hugs  HomeComing and decoration at church this weekend,,,,,,hope I am able to go,,,,,,,

Friday, May 31, 2013

report of thyroid biospy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

well good news,,,while there maybe something going on with the thyroid,,,,it is not cancer according to the biospy report,,,and that is good news,,,,,,,,,we are supposed to repeat the ultra sound in six months,,,,in the meantime,,,I am still having chest pain,,,and it is not the cancer,,,,,(lymph nodes),,,,nor acid reflux,,,I thought maybe it was because of upping the thyroid medicine,,,,,,so I went off of it for 3 weeks,,,,didnt phase it,,,so I went back on it,,,,,saw my heart Dr,,,,,, Dr Pribble on Wed,,,,,,we are going to do some tests on Monday,,,,,,,I asked him just what it could be,,,,, anxeity,,,hypertension????   He said it sounded like spasms of the arterys while I was at rest,,,(makes sense),,,but he said it was hard to detect,,,,,,in the mean time he gave me some nitro glycersin spray to use,,,,,,,,so the story of my life,,,more tests,,,,and wait for results,,,,

Day of biopsy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Monday,,,April 1

Well today was the day for the biopsy of the thyroid,,,a long grueling day for sure,,,,Jenni and Hannah took me to Greenview hospital and took care of me,,,,,,,,,,,we had to be there at 8:30 for surgery at 10:00  but at 10:30 the Dr thought things would go better if I received some platelets since my platelets were 49,,,to be on the safe side,,,,so they had to be ordered and then refined and then it took 15 minutes to receive them and then surgery was 45 minutes and recovery was for 30 minutes,,,,There was no heavy bleeding........Thank God,,,,,,and no stitches just a band aid....hey that is a good thing.  Pain was a minimal but I could feel deep pressure,,,,he took 4 biopsy's of nodules and I'm hoping we will hear something before the end of the week and then maybe we will know what we are dealing with.  Can't do anything for the next 48 hours,,,,,,think I will chill out and watch some movies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks to Jonathan and Tiffany for supper tonight,,,,I was starving,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Well I want to start off by saying,,,,MASON is here,,,,,one healthy little boy,,,,,and one proud Mamma,,,love my grandchildren sooo much,,,,I have started watching him two days a week and have sooo thoroughly enjoyed him,,,,,he makes my day,,,,,

Not sure,,,,,,,,,,of what is going on,,,,,,haven't been sick all winter,,,,I have stayed in quite a bit,,,afraid of catching the flu,,,,,,,that would not be good......but something is going on,,,not sure exactly what,,,,,,I have been having chest pain,,,,doesn't feel like a weight on my chest,,,been going on for 10 weeks...and of course the side of my right neck and ear are still achy,,,,had a cat scan done in February,,,it showed no change in the lymph nodes,,,,but showed thyroid nodules,,,,which I know I had always had a goiter,,,and am taking thyroid medicine so it wouldn't grow,,,,Dr suggested an ultrasound on the neck to check the nodules out,,,,now there are several nodules, which is normal of a goiter,,,,,,,,now there are nodules on the right,,,hmmmmmm,,,same side the achyness is on plus the ear that hurts,,,and same side the chest pain is,,,also same side where they biopsied the lymph nodes under the arm and found Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma,,,,wonder if there is a connection here,,,,,,,,,,So now I am scheduled for a biopsy of the thyroid,,,,no surgery as of this time,,,just a ultrasound guided core biopsy,,,,just a one inch incision ,,,,even though the platelets were 47 as of the last blood work, they seem to think it is adequate for the biopsy,,,hmmmmm,,,,which should tell us what we are dealing with,,,could be another goiter,,,,,thyroid lymphoma,,,,,cancer of the thyroid,,(can you imagine having 3 different cancers????? Really now????) (enough is enough----don't even go there). I was taking thyroid medicine so the goiter wouldn't grow,,,,,,,,but something is going on with the thyroid because the Dr increased the medicine in November and again in February,,,,,so wonder what is going on,,,,,,,questions, questions, questions,,,,,,got to remember to get the Dr to prescribe an anti-biotic,,,to protect my knee,,,I mean if I have to take one for teeth cleaning,,,,surely I will need one for the incision, to protect the knee,,,and probably go off the celebrex too,,,,,,(mental note to call Dr and ask about this), The test was scheduled for this Monday 3/25,,,but gonna call and See if we can change to 4/01 while the kids are off on spring break,,,,,they said to bring a driver,,,,hmmmmmmm ,,,,,, Probably will be about 3 weeks before I know

anything....will let you know,,,,,,,(mental note:  think positive thoughts)